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Islam Rising: Book One

This first book, in a series, covers many topics:

Clearly explains who Muhammad was, and the origins and core teachings of Islam. Relates Islam with Holy Jihad, and why Christianity is a prime target of violence today. Addresses Islam’s claims to be a religion of peace and Christians’ responsibility to Muslim neighbors. This book reveals precisely what is being taught in mosques about the western countries, Christianity, and Israel. There is a comparisons are made between Jesus and Muhammad, the Bible and the Qur’an, Allah and the God of the Bible, and other basics in the teachings of Christianity and Islam.

About the Author
Dr. Jim Murk was trained as an academician. He was a senior in high school at age 15, and by the age of 19 he entered graduate school at the University of Chicago by examination where he earned a Master’s degree in the history of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation. After two years in Bible College and Seminary, he earned another Master’s degree from the University of Minnesota in Cultural Anthropology as a missions project, and another Master’s in Theology from Bob Jones University.

192 pages


Islam Rising: Book Two - The Never Ending Jihad Against the Jews and Israel by Dr. Jim Murk is Book II in a series on the resurgence of militant, ultra orthodox Islam in the world. Topics covered in book are:

1)The relations of Arabs and Jews from ancient times to the present,

(2) Theodore Herzl and the beginnings of Zionism: The Jews seek to return to the "Promised Land" and reestablish the nation of Israel. The miraculous accomplishment on May 14; 1948 with all the details.

(3) How the British helped in this quest for a Jewish homeland but then curtailed the immigration of Jews to the Mandate in Palestine. Because of their need for oil and the survival of their empire, which included many Muslims in Egypt and India, the Brit ish government finally chose the Arabs over the Jews. They opposed the establishment of a Jewish state.

(4) After the British forsook their promise and stood against the Jews in favor of the Muslim Arabs, the blessing of God was removed and Britain lost the last of her vast empire in 1948, the same year the nation of Israel was born. God's promise of" cursing and blessing" to Abraham had come true.

(5) Five Arab Israeli Wars and further conflicts: The relationship between Jews and Arabs from W\VI to the present is covered in detail describing the five Arab/Israeli wars, Israel's miraculous victories, and continuing struggles up to the present. It even including the most recent confrontations with Hizballah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. All terrorist groups and support organizations are examined, including those in the United States.

(6) The final chapter: What the Bible has to say about the return of the Jews to their" Land of Promise" in unbelief and the Islamic nations led by Persia (Iran) that attack a restored Israel in order to destroy her. America has been neutralized so Israel's Defender is God Himself It is the time of the Day of the Lord (Ezekiel 39:8) when God will reveal Himself to the world in blessing on his children and the outpouring of his wrath on the rest of the world. This chapter is really an introduction to the third book in this series: Islam Rising: The Muslim Nations, Israel, and America in Biblical Prophecy.

Paperback, 311 pages


Islam Rising: Book ThreeThe Never Ending Jihad Against America And The West 

This third book in the ’’Islam Rising’’ trilogy outlines how America and the West have been targeted by Islamists for either destruction or conversion. The word compromise isn’t even in their vocabulary. Let there be no doubt, since 1979, Islamists, in the name of their religion and their god, have been continuously attacking and killing Americans. Beginning with the takeover of the US Embassy in Iran, each horrible event, including 9/11, has been identified. When will America wake up and realize that a ’’never ending jihad’’ has been declared against all of western civilization--both America and Europe?

Paperback, 320 pages