Islam, Israel, and the Church

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Islam, Israel, and the Church
By Marcel Rebiai

Marcel Rebiai conveys deep insight into the callings of Israel and the Arab people. Much has been written on the Near East controversy, but we seldom find such an unerring, spiritual / theological / historical analysis of the situation as in this book by Marcel Rebiai. Ultimately, the whole political controversy between Muslims, Jews, and Christians is a matter of just one thing: God's inheritance and election.

In his knowledgeable presentation, Marcel Rebiai rips open the fog in which many westerners find themselves regarding Islam. At the same time he conveys deep insight into the callings of Israel and the Arab people. The commission of Jesus' church is placed clearly before our eyes. And finally, Marcel Rebiai, who together with his 'Community of Reconciliation' -- lives in the midst of this seat of conflict in Jerusalem, gives us a spiritual vision for the whole Near East.

'Anyone who takes a stand today regarding such explosive topics as Israel and Islam must be prepared to give account for his legitimacy.  It is not sufficient to be an expert.  In addition, personal integrity and a love for the persons and peoples behind these topics are required. I have known Marcel Rebiai for more than three decades. I have met few people with such clear integrity as I have observed in him.' 
-- Geri Keller
Schleife Ministries, Winterhur, Switzerland 

159 pages (Paperback)

About the Author
Marcel Rebiai, born in Algeria and raised in Switzerland, is the founder and leader of the 'Community of Reconciliation' in Jerusalem. He is a profound authority on the current situation in Israel and especially the Islamic world, and a speaker at international conferences and seminars. Marcel is married and the father of four.

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