Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman

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Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman reveals the astonishingly accurate predictions of Britain's most famous Prime Minister, and how his critics perceived them throughout his political career Who could have foreseen the start of World War I twenty-five years before the assassination of a Serbian archduke plunged Europe into war?

Who could have predicted the rise of al-Qaeda nearly eight decades before anyone had heard of Osama bin Laden? Winston Churchill did. And for the first time bestselling author James C. Humes reveals these and other shocking predictions from the legendary Prime Minister, in his new book Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman. As a skilled historian, Churchill didn't need a crystal ball to tell the future.

He studied patterns of the past which led to his eerily accurate forecasts, including: the rise of a Hitler-like figure along with Nazi Germany; the year the Iron Curtain would fall and the Cold War would end; and the exact day of his own death as he entered his final years. In fascinating detail, Churchill: The Prophetic Statesman documents the spot-on prophecies Churchill foretold and the political consequences he endured for sharing them.