The Poisoned Veil

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The Poisoned Veil By Bradley S. O'Leary

The book explores Islam and Sharia law in its oppressiveness to women and denial of equal rights with men. It looks at its approval of forced marriages, honor beatings and killings, polygamy, marriage of girls as young as ten and approval of the barbaric sexual blinding of girls as young as eight. It denies women's voices, keeps them segregated, denies equal rights and the freedom to work, seek education or have any independent freedoms at all.

They are hidden behind a veil and forced to do whatever men demand. The book delves into the following issues:

  • the segregation between men and women that occurs at religious services
  • the oppression resulting from Sharia law's interpretation of law regarding covering women in public
  • the demand for a woman to accept a forced marriage the laws which allow Muslim men to have up to four wives and to marry girls as young as ten
  • the interpretation of a Muslim man's right to physically enforce his will on his wife or children
  • the barbaric practice of forcing young girls to be subjected to female genital mutilation, or sexual blinding, an act that has been condemned by the United Nations and Western governments, but is allowed and supported by Muslim religious leaders
  • the effect Sharia law has on women in divorce cases
  • the logic behind why a woman's voice isn't worth the same as a man's in court
  • the reasons Sharia law should not be used in United States' federal court cases
  • the laws passed by ten State legislatures banning Sharia law for use in state or local legal cases
  • the problems nations in Europe and around the world have in blindly accepting Islamic refugees
  • the ways America can protect itself from becoming another Islamic nation
  • the solutions to protect Islamic women from these atrocities


About the Author

Bradley O'Leary has written twenty-seven books on American politics, romantic travel, and religion in politics. He has published reference books that have been used in universities, colleges and high schools called "Are you a Conservative or a Liberal?", and "Are You a Republican or a Democrat?". His reference book, "God and America's Leaders", is available at World Net Daily and is a comprehensive quote book on our Founding Fathers' and Presidents' comments on Christianity, religion, and other aspects of America's spiritual life.
Mr. O'Leary publishes a daily blog on American politics called The O'Leary Report. You can find these writings at He has had a very active career in politics which included a stint as President of the American Association of Political Consultants, and has played an active role in a number of American political campaigns. He has worked with Congressmen Newt Gingrich and Jack Kemp, as well as Senators Howard Baker, Bill Brock, Bob Dole, Phil Gramm, John Tower, and approximately thirty other senators. Mr. O'Leary has been active in presidential campaigns going back to the 1968 Ronald Reagan campaign for president.
For twenty years, Mr. O'Leary has been doing periodic polling judging America's attitude on the major issues facing the electorate. This polling has been released nationwide under the heading of The O'Leary/Zogby American Voters Values Poll, released with the Zogby International Polling Company.  Mr. O'Leary has also had a career on talk radio where he had a point-counterpoint radio show on NBC/Westwood One Radio. He has also been a featured writer for US Weekend magazine, where he's had different stories including picking winners and losers from each election cycle. He has also spent time in television, having created a number of television specials and weekly public affairs broadcasts that have been syndicated on network and cable.





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