Time To Stand America 2012 - San Antonio - DVD Set

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The Oak Initiative Texas Hosted - Time To Stand America: San Antonio on October 19-20, 2012 with thought provoking and encouraging messages by such speakers as Marc Nuttle, Kamal Saleem, Lt.Gen.(ret.) W.G. Boykin, and Rick Joyner.

This event brought in four high-level speakers respected in their fields of expertise to sound the alarm in San Antonio. America is at a tipping point. The direction or choices we make now will decide whether we survive as the greatest nation the world has ever known or go down in history as another great empire that imploded. America has been exceptional because we were founded on a set of Godly principles that recognized God as sovereign over man and man as sovereign over government. Our nation will fall if we do not return to the sound Judeo/Christian principles our country was founded upon.

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Two main topics were addressed in this conference—

     • Financial/Economic conditions in the U.S.

     • The Islamic/Marxist movement in the U.S.