The Story of Liberty

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Originally Published in 1879 - Turn back the efforts of Revisionist Historians.

In his introduction to this book, Christian author and journalist, Charles C. Coffin writes:

"Men act freely in laying and executing their plans, but behind the turmoil and conflict of human wills there is an Unseen Power that shapes destiny. Nations rise and fall, generations come and go; yet through the ages there has been an advancement of Justice, Truth, Right and Liberty. To what end? Is it not the march of the human race toward an Eden of rest and peace?" This is an engrossing history of the people and key events that led to American self rule, and America's great freedoms and is the heritage of anyone enjoying freedom in any nation in the world.

In this book you will discover:

  • How the Invention of the Printing Press and the Translation of the Bible into the Common Language from Latin led to the Development of the ideas of Freedom of Religion, Speech, Thought, Press, and Economic Prosperity.
  • How the Right to hold an Individual Opinion was  a Freedom won through Preaching the Word of God.
  • How Religious Persecution in Europe Led to the Founding of Our Nation.
  • How the Protestant Reformation's  Insistence on the Priesthood of the Believer, Led to Foundation of Our Christian Republic.

  • How Our Liberty was Won Through the Work and Sacrifice of followers of Jesus and Christian Martyr's.
  • How Fifty Pilgrims sailing to the Shores of North America to Start a   New World where  Freedom to Worship God would be the Heritage of All.

A classic reference in the Christian education and home schooling communities, The Story of Liberty is a must-read for anyone eager for an unedited view of America's founding.

415 pages
Weiner Media / 2011 / Paperback