The Prophetic Ministry

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  • What is prophecy?
  • Who is to prophesy?
  • Is it right to seek the prophetic?
  • Since we have the Bible for guidance, do we really need prophecy today?
  • How do the prophetic gifts and ministries function in the local church?
  • Why do we need prophets if all of God's people are able to hear His voice?
  • Can a true prophet miss a prediction?
  • How can we recognize counterfeit gifts of the Spirit?

These are just a few of the common questions being asked in the church today. If the church does not provide biblical answers, we can be sure the vacuum created by ignorance will be filled with deceptions. If you refuse to settle for less than all God has for you . . . If you won't be intimidated by those who claim that God doesn't still speak today . . .This book will answer your questions and challenge you to know God and hear from Him as you never have before!

"I was really expecting this book to only be a basic overview of prophecy, but I was pleasantly surprised. This book goes much deeper than the questions in the summary. It also addresses issues like rejection, which any prophet can tell you they have struggled with. It addresses how to deal with tares in your field. It also covers a little bit of biblical prophecy and dreams and visions. It really mostly points people towards maintaining a friendship with God and a love for people. It's a great book."

Compact Size, 223 pages

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