The Journey Begins

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As believers in the God of Israel, we have been called out of Egypt (the world) to gain the Promised Land (perfect unity with Him). Our wilderness experiences, which are trials, are part of following Him. But after the wilderness, His presence abides with us - a treasure far more valuable than anything the world has to offer.

God's plan since before the foundation of the world has been to bring many sons and daughters to glory. Discover the river of life and the power that comes when you give your life to God and let Him move and work through you!

This second book in The Divine Destiny Series expounds upon the clear path from bondage to deliverance and walking in the promises of God.


Compact Size, 271 pages

ISBN:   1929371543 Compact
ISBN2:   978-1929371549 Compact
Pages:   Compact - 271
Dimensions:   Compact - 6.6 x 4.5 x 0.8 inches