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By Nicholas Papanicolaou

This book examines the historical, koranic, cultural, political and all-conquering character of many of the followers of Islam. It also exposes the strategic plan of the Muslim Brotherhood for the USA and the as yet unfulfilled obligations of Islamic States under the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, even, the very charter of the Organization of Islamic Conference and its fifty six member states. It concludes with a direct analogy and historical precedent to controlling radical Islam today as an all-encompassing way-of-life, namely the elimination of state Shintoism in Japan under the Potsdam Declaration of the Allies in 1945.

134 pages

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Nicholas Papanicolaou has provided Americans with a critical read that outlines exactly what we need to know about Islam and the threat that it presents to our constitutional liberties. A must read for all who are concerned about our nation's future.
~ Lt. General Will G. Boykin, U.S. Army (retired), former Commander of U.S. Special Forces, and former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence

Islam Vs. The United States provides a comprehensive examination of Islamic infiltration in American politics and society through sound documentation, raising important questions about the future of our nation. This book is a must read for all Americans.
~ Rick Joyner, Director of MorningStar Ministries, Fort Mill, South Carolina

History is being written today as Mr. Papanicolaou brings truth and light to the issues we ar facing this very hour in his book. We are being judged by a sixth century culture and believe system that wants to take the world back to its standard of "infinite wisdom" in order to fulfill Unmah, "a one world order under Allah, god of Islam."

I was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and of the PLO, and I was financed by the Saudis. In 1981, I came to the USA to help tear down America from within, but because of the love and generosity of Americans and the true God of freedom, I came to know what true freedom is about. Today, I stand on America's wall like my friend, Nicholas F. Papanicolaou, by sounding the alarm as a wake-up call for America and an action call for the brave.

After reading this book, I was inspired and stirred to take a stand to fight the tyranny of the Islamic ideology agenda against America and the world.
~ Kamal Saleem, author of The Blood of the Lambs