Islam and the Arab Invasion

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Islam and the Arab Invasion   By Dr. Nicholas Papanicolaou

This book analyzes several main topics: the history of A’arab desert tribalism where Islam originated. It reviews how Arab-centric Islam took other nations over by force of arms and re-labeled their people “Arab”, when they were not; civilizations much more prominent than the A’arab like the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Phoenicians and others. It briefly reviews how Islam turned those nations against their own national character. The book also examines Muslim resistance to and enmity against assimilation in the West. The author then does a thorough legal review of existing United States laws on Sedition, and on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech, that Muslims have abused in their effort to impose sharia law. The legal review points to which U.S. laws must now be used to control and stop Islamic preaching in America that teaches that Muslims are “above the law of the land”, in other words above the U.S. Constitution. Finally, the book sets forward an international strategy to face the violence of Islam. The author is compassionate and sincere in pointing to a different way for Muslims, a reformed way that will allow them to worship their religion and simultaneously put an end to their enmity toward Christians and Jews. The book hi-lights the plea that Muslims finally learn how to “live and let live”.

Once again Nicholas powerfully exposes the love, as well as the living miracles, we receive in Christianity and Judaism versus the harsh teachings of Islam. He also analyses the invasion and sad obliteration by Islam of other much more elevated cultures and civilizations. He ends this book with a valuable road map of U.S. laws that must now be used to reign in the forces of Islam, who are diligently working to destroy our Constitution and impose Sharia law in the U.S. I very highly recommend this book.
Lieutenant General William G. Boykin (U.S. Army, ret), former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.


178 pages - Paperback