Christians and Politics: A Biblical Response

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Christians and Politics: A Biblical Response By Bill NeSmith

Christians and politics—two topics best associated with a handshake. A handshake speaks of an engagement resulting in mutual agreement to the altruistic benefit of all involved.

A dusting off of the original meanings and spirit of both Christianity and politics can reveal great solutions to our modern world struggles. This book is intended to provide such an examination while bringing to light history forgotten, laying out wisdom for today, and tools to build a great future so that our grandchildren inherit a better world than the one that exists today.

There are times for the likes of Jehu, Elijah, Elisha, Deborah, and Shammah (not to overlook America's Founding Fathers) who said "no more," after having a "Popeye moment." In all the affairs of mankind, the fruit of character, mutual respect with conviction, resolve, and courage have always reigned supreme.

It is our choice, our responsibility, and there are engagements and agreements waiting to be made, but it will take great character, resolve, and courage to be different.

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