Back to The Future

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Rebuilding America's Future

     Like a surgical strike, Back to the Future targets faulty thinking that has enfeebled America and teaches us how to think and act in ways that promote a healthy and prosperous future. It is about rediscovering what made America great so that we can return to these principles, and therefore, to the once solid foundation she was built upon. Engaging philosophy, education, history, science, journalism, family, and the church, we will travel back in time to see where we deviated from our nation's foundation so that we may discover which adjustments must be made in order to bring us back to the future God intended for America.


About the Author:
Karla Perry, author and worldview revitalizer, has been regularly published in The MorningStar Journal and through The Oak Initiative. Karla helps people develop healthy worldviews through kingdom-based thinking. Karla lives with her husband, Joseph, in Virginia Beach, VA, where they lead Remnant Ministries, a member of the MorningStar Fellowship of Churches.



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